Ido Perlmuter

Ido Perlmuter

Software Consultant, Instructor and Engineer

Welcome! I am an experienced Software Architect and Engineer, helping companies enrich employee knowledge, adopt new technologies, build secure, large-scale applications and fix tough problems.

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About Me

Software Engineer, Lecturer, FOSS Enthusiast

Highly Experienced Software Engineer

Hello! My name is Ido Perlmuter, and I am a Software Architect and Engineer with many years of professional experience, including Cyber-Security experience. I specialize in large-scale web services and SaaS systems; internal backend applications, and enterprise-grade distributed systems. I am very proficient in the field of Cloud Native Applications, including software containers, serverless applications and more.

During my career, I have designed and built many large-scale systems from scratch for various companies; delivered thousands of feature requests; worked with extremely demanding Fortune 500 enterprise customers; led development teams; interviewed hundreds of software engineers; guided colleagues on countless subjects, with sessions for up to 60 participants at a time.

I am extremely thorough in my work, which is also very evident in lectures and trainings that I provide. I pride myself on providing useful, relevant knowledge in the clearest way possible.




I provide lectures and workshops in various subjects, including programming languages (Go, Rust, JavaScript), software platforms (container platforms such as Docker and Kubernetes, serverless application platforms such as AWS Lambda, etc.), network programming (TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, etc.) and more.



Is your company thinking of moving to the cloud? Are you confused by containers and lambda functions? Are you facing a difficult production issue? I can help!



Have a software project you cannot complete in-house? I have a track record of building many large systems.




20 Years of Experience

Recent Experience

Jan 2016 - Aug 2019

Tech Lead, Senior Software Engineer

Aqua Security Software

One of the first developers and employees of a successful startup company providing a large-scale security solution for cloud native platforms such as Docker, Kubernets, AWS Lambda and more.

  • Delivered an extremely large amount of features.
  • Spearheaded the product's vulnerability scanning feature.
  • Created and maintained the product's only SaaS component, handling millions of requests per day.
  • One of two first team leads in the company. Led up to seven developers.
  • Interviewed over a hundred applicants for all development teams.
  • Tech lead for the entire development group of around 40 developers.
  • Performed thousands of code reviews.
  • Gave many talks, lectures and trainings for R&D employees.
  • Worked directly with many Fortune 500 customers.
  • Created the company's first true DevOps infrastructure.

Previous Experience

Feb 2010 - Dec 2015

Senior Software Engineer

Bezeq Inc.

Developed internal backend systems for Israel's largest telecommunications provider (providing telephony and Internet services to millions of customers in both the private and commercial sectors), predominately for deploying, managing, diagnosing and automatically repairing the company's services. This position included extensive network programming, writing code to connect, manipulate and analyze switches, routers, gateways and various networking hardware; and also required co-operation and co-ordination with many other units of the company.

I have also interviewed many applicants, implemented DevOps systems and processes and assisted the company's IT department with lectures on various Software Engineering topics.

2000 - 2012

Web Designer/Developer


I have designed and built websites, content management systems and custom backend applications for various customers. Example projects included the creation of a backend system for the management of registration, participation and seating of private and business events (weddings, conventions, etc.), which has been (and still is) successfully used in over a thousand events.

Engineering Skills

Distributed Applications

SaaS Services

Cloud Native Applications

Network Programming

Programming Languages






Free/Open Source Software

I became a Free Software enthusiast back in the year 2000. As I started building websites, I was awed by the amount and quality of programs that were provided for free, with source, to anyone who would like. I started using GNU/Linux, modifying open source systems (mostly content management systems and message boards) to fit my own needs, and it wasn't long before I started releasing my own open source projects.

The following is a list of software projects I have released under free licenses. The bulk of my projects are in the Perl programming language (and can be installed via CPAN), but some are in Go (and can be installed via go get) or other languages. All are hosted at GitHub, and can be easily forked.

Web Development


Application Utilities



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Get in Touch

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Giv'atayim, Israel
+972 50 6774938

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